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Passion exists inside all beings. Passion for life... Passion for style... Passion for beautiful things... Saetta is this passion!

The concept of Saetta Classic Boat was born only a few years ago when two friends discovered a common passion for the classic style of vintage wooden boats. It was only a casual mention of wooden boats during a phone conversation between Bill Scheunemann and Kevin Kimball.

From that moment, Bill and Kevin knew they had something special and began to apply their aircraft engineering, design, and manufacturing experience to the essence of a classic wooden boat.

Before long, Tom Drake was taken by the concept of Saetta bringing his knowledge and woodworking skills to the project as the primary builder.

Italian designer Mirco Pecorari joined the team as well to create the styling and details for both the kit and luxury versions of Saetta. Not a replica of existing designs, Saetta embodies all the beautiful shapes and elements of classic wooden boats with even more curve, style, and precision.

Saetta is Yesterday's Boat of Tomorrow!

Saetta Boat
Saetta Boat

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