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Aircraft Kit Components

Airframe components and structures are produced to high quality standards.
Component design, layout, tooling development and manufacture are done in-house to ensure the utmost quality and consistency.

Aircraft Covering

JKE has become world famous for championship quality fabric and paint work.
Using the Polyfiber covering system for more than 30 years and over 85 airplanes results in finishes unmatched in the industry today.


Production of aircraft quality woodwork has become something rare in the world today. The highly skilled craftsmen at JKE produce wooden structures that look too good to cover with fabric and paint.
A good finish requires a great foundation such as the wooden wings and fairings created here in JKE.

Metal Shaping

The art of creating complex and flowing shapes in metal takes special skills and tools.
Using tools specifically developed for metal work and forming, flat sheet metal is transformed into works of art that bring back the true elegance and glory to deserving airplanes.


Beautiful airplanes deserve beautiful paint jobs.
Great aircraft paint jobs are art work in motion.
JKE creates some of the most stunning finishes on airplanes today.
Finishes range from historically accurate schemes on a restored vintage aircraft to custom airshow schemes, to wild and complex reptile skin paint jobs.
Clients are demanding increasingly more complex schemes including special effect paints in order to have the exact airplane of their dreams.

Composite Parts

Many kit aircraft components offered by JKE are made from composite materials.
Design, development and manufacture of many of these components is required for one-of-a-kind aircraft.

The JKE team is honored to have skilled composite craftsmen with more that 45 combined years of experience in production of fiberglass and carbon fiber components.


It has been said that the quality of welded components is only as good as the skill of the welder. Highly skilled and experienced welding is a must in aviation. The outstanding professionals at JKE weld steel, stainless, aluminum and titanium using Miller welding equipment.

Design / Engineering

Building good parts and great airplanes begins with sound design and engineering.
JKE has the skills and knowledge required to design, evaluate and produce aircraft and aircraft components.

From Concept to Flight

Whether restoring a vintage airplane to it's original glory or creating a completely new Custom designed flying machine, JKE strives to produce precisely what the client desires.
Restoration of historic aircraft requires endless hours of research in order to faithfully reproduce historically accurate airplanes.
JKE builds custom aircraft for private individuals, collectors and performers.
These Hot Rods of the Sky often require collaboration with other companies for sub contract components, styling, paint scheme design, and more.

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